Once upon a time ....... That is how to start a real fairy tale?

Man, pojke och åsna
Once upon a time there was an old man, who went to the market together with his grandson and his donkey.

Mötet med umgdomarna
Soon they meet some young people, who, with well-chosen words, tell them that they think it's stupid to walk when you have an animal you can ride on.

Pojken rider på åsnan
It sounds sensible, so grandfather lifts up his grandson, so he can ride, as they continue to market.
Pojken rider på åsnan och de möter äldre människor

A moment later they meet an elderly couple, who mean that today's young people are bad, while they without shame can ride and let an old man walk.

Farfar rider på åsnan
Then it is perhaps better if grandfather rides? The boy walks and grandfather rides. Now, it must just be fine? Now, they may well continue to market without any problems?

Farfar rider på åsnan
A little further up they meet a young woman, who is walking with her baby in the cart. She stops of course and say her opinion of the grandfather and boy. How can thinking a grown man think, when he could ride and let a small child run beside? That is really unacceptable! Come on boy, jump up, you too!

Båda rider på åsnan
Grandpa lifts up the boy up. He has learned that the one who obey good advices is clever. So now they continue their journey to the market. On the way they encounter a flock of sheep. The sheep say horrified to the donkey - You poor donkey, you must bear two so heavy people on your back. Why don't you kick backwards?

De möter fåraherden
Grandpa and Frasse do not understand what the sheep says, but here the shepherd comes and he has the same view as the sheep. So now he lets grandfather and Frasse know the inappropriate nature of the ride two on a small donkey.
De funderar på hur de ska göra nu

Grandpa Benjamin and Frasse do not understand what is now wrong. They have all the time made as they have been told. Now they stand here and do not know how they all three will come to the market. Could there be a good solution to their problems?

De funderar och åsnan dricker vatten
Grandpa Benjamin and Frasse are thinking. Hubert, the donkey, has now become thirsty. It is a hot day. They have the luck that there is a water pump and a tub in the vicinity, so Hubert can drink cold water.

En traktor med en kreatursvagn kommer
Who is coming?

En traktor med en kreatursvagn kommer
Such a luck they have. Here is a good friend of Benjamin, with tractor and wagon. The wagon is empty, so now they can get a ride the last distance.

De får åka med till marknaden
Well. Now they can ride the last distance.

De får åka med till marknaden
What has now happened? The tractor has had a breakdown, and our friends want to proceed. They have been told that you can not lead the donkey with no rider. It is wrong if one rides and it is wrong if both rides. Then it's probably best if they let the donkey go on the wagon. They are, after all, almost there.

Framme vid marknaden
Maybe Hubert can pull the wagon. They are almost at the market now

Benjamin, Frasse och Hubert äter glass

They are there now. Grandpa Benjamin now want to do his shopping, but he will be democratically downvoted with two votes against one. First, they want some ice cream!!!

Grandpa Benjamin can now do his shopping. He looks at tools and equipment. Maybe he can find what he needs.

Frasse would rather look at the toys. There is much to choose from. Maybe he find something he wants.

Frukt och grönsaker
No, now they may think that they are not alone in the market. Is there anything for Hubert here? Perhaps among the fruit and vegetables.

Hubert och morötter
Now Hubert will be happy. He stands among the horses in the parking lot for horses and donkeys. A meadow with tasty grass is there for them.

There is so much to see on the market. Indians selling tomahawks, totem poles and tents make Benjamin and Frasse interested.

Now it tastes good with a drink and something to eat before they continue with all that is to do in the marketplace.

When you are on the market, you might want to buy something nice for those who remain at home.

Frasse åker rutschbana
Frasse goes to the playground. There are so many children. Some are testing their newly purchased toys and others have fun with what's there.

Frasse klättrar i klätterställningen
Then, he wants to try climbing. He not alone.

Frasse spelar boll
With so many kids they can play football. The playground is well equipped. There is also a goal.

Benjamin tittar på presenter
Benjamin has found a place where he can buy some of each.

Benjamin, Frasse och Hubert vill köpa en vagn
Now the time has come to do the most important. They have gone to the market to buy a wagon, which is the right size to Hubert. Here are some for sale. Hubert suggests that they will buy the cute little yellow ponnyn also. It will be easier if they are two to pull. Frasse thinks this little wagon could fit nicely. It is possible to let Hubert and ponnyn pull and it is possible to attach it to the tractor at home, if you want to.

Trötta marknadsbesökare på väg hem
So they did, and now our friends are on their way home and this is how the story ends.